“There’s always two sides of a coin and so we are sad and happy at the same time to tell you that Sascha Laumann, bassist, founding member and best dude in the world is leaving THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT whilst Eric Eller is joining the band as bassist and new fulltime member.

Read Sascha’s statement:
“Hola everyone, after thoroughly thinking about past 3 years of being a member of this band, shitloads of shows we played, a huge bunch of new friends I made, seemingly quadrillions of miles we drove together – I decided to leave THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT due to personal reasons. It is time for me to sort things out and aim for new goals, equally time as location related. However, I will remain devoted to the band, whatever form it will have. To the guys in the band: I wish you all the very best. I am quite certain that we will bump into each other somewhere, somewhen.
Until then, take care. Yours, Sascha.”

Letting Sascha go is really hard for us since he’s been way more than just a band-mate. Over the years we’ve become real friends and he’s always gonna be a part of THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT.

We were in the lucky position that longtime friend of the band and former bandmate of our singer Raphael, Eric Eller heartly embraced our offer to join the band as new bassist. He’s young, he’s stylish and he’s ready to thrash and smash stages, hearts and strings! The first days with Eric on our tour with THIS IS HELL and DEAD SWANS were a blast and we’re looking forward to every single show to come!”

(New) Team Blackout: Raphael, Philip, Eric, Chris, Chris

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