Danish fusion metallers MNEMIC just posted an update:

“It’s about time we rise from the dormant and break the silence, to give you all an update from the MNEMIC camp! It’s been too damn long since the last update, which I must apologize for.

First of all, a really late Happy New Year from the lads in MNEMIC to all of you reading this. Since we took a break from touring in 2008, apart from playing a few shows with METALLICA (Yes, I still mention this cause I’m damn proud of it!), things have been quite productive. We have definitely not been lazy, that’s for sure.. As we did recharge our batteries, in this break, we also fell the hunger for creativity and started writing new material.

Already by now I can confirm that we have 11 brand new songs written, and we are still a long way from finishing. The plan is of course to write as many songs as possible until we are 110% satisfied with all the material.

For now the title of the album is set as “Sons of the System”.

Why is this taking so long you may ask? Because we want to be totally satisfied with this release and not put out an album we just worked on two months in advance prior to the recordings. On the other hand, as the release date has not yet been set, I assure you, this will definitely not be a Chinese Democracy in the making.

On a last note, we have quite a few surprises up our sleeve for this release….and as for touring, there will only be shows co-inciding with the release of the new album, which means you’ll have to wait a bit if you want to see us live. Its all part of a greater plan!”