Guitarist Robin Sjunnesson of the Swedish band SONIC SYNDICATE has issued the following update:

“On March 30, we released the breaking news about [vocalist] Roland [Johansson; who is responsible for the “clean”/melodic singing in the group] leaving SONIC SYNDICAT.

“When we found our Roland was leaving, we began directly searching for a new singer, and will continue until we find the perfect replacement!

“We’re getting a lot of emails everyday and we’ve been looking at every single one of them (so don’t worry if you haven’t received an e-mail from us). We’ve been picking out the best of all the guys so far, and I think we will begin next week trying some of them! This is actually very interesting and we’re very positive that all this excitement is happening!

“If you think that you’re the one who can replace Roland’s place in the band, feel free to send an email to BUT make sure to send all the info we asked for in the mail which you can find on our News section. Good Luck!

“The tour we did together with DEATHSTARS was amazing! It contained beer, glam, tattoos and late night conversations. We had a lot of great moments and will have fun memories for the rest our lives. Every show was special, and so much happened on that tour, to much to even be written down here. DEATHSTARS are really good guys and we had a great time together.”

Roland will play all previously announced shows with SONIC SYNDICATE until further notice.

SONIC SYNDICATE’s latest album, “Love And Other Disasters”, landed at position No. 15 on the Swedish and No. 36 on the German chart back in September.

“Eden Fire”, the debut album from SONIC SYNDICATE, was re-released in the U.S. and Canada on December 9, 2008 through Pivotal Rockordings via Koch Distribution. The LP was originally issued on September 13, 2005.

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