This holiday season, get ready for some rockin’ in your stockings! The Roadie is the heaviest, headbanging-est rhythm game to ever attack the iPhone and iPod Touch.

You are The Roadie — a down-and-out rocker who becomes the world’s last hope against swarms of robot invaders! Strap on your guitar, and shred your way through action-packed levels loaded with slabs of pure, unadulterated METAL!

The Roadie is much more than your average rhythm game. It’s a combination of rhythm and side-scrolling action, where each successful note you play leads to yet another smoking enemy robot on the pile. Don’t stay in time, and your back will be against the wall — the spiked, electrified wall that’s chasing you!

When it comes to rhythm games on iPhone, don’t just tap, when you can ROCK!


* Fast-paced action based on heavy metal music. This isn’t your grandpa’s rhythm game!
* An all-original metal soundtrack that’s sure to get your head (and fingers) banging.
* Guide The Roadie through a bizarre world with multiple stages of play.
* Variable difficulty lets you rock no matter what your skill level is.
* Unlockable achievements, rankings, and more!

More information on The Roadie is coming soon. In the meantime, check out the MySpace page to get a sneak preview of the game’s soundtrack.

Pictured below is a screenshot mockup.

For more information, go to this location.