After the really productive decade of 90’s, it was really interesting to see the development of metal music during the 00’s decade. So, here we are. We are almost in the end of 00’s where really important facts that happened will leave their own stain in the history of heavy metal music. New bands were born, new fashions came out, lots of reunions, lots of releases and we had lots of good and bad times.

Metalpaths, on the occasion of 00’s ending, is working on a big, detailed and (as we hope) really interesting tribute to the decade that farewell us in almost two months.

To tell you what it’s going to be about, the tribute will include the 50 best of 00’s releases and some words for each one according to the editor’s opinion. In addition, we will remind the most important moments of each year from 2000 to 2009 and of course we couldn’t leave out of the tribute the “musicians corner” where some surprise-personalities of metal music will share with us their experiences and opinions about the 00’s decade.

But the tribute is not ending here. We think that your opinion would be more than interesting so we would like your participation to the tribute!

Vote and WIN!

All of you, can send your top-20 list of 00’s albums (from January 2000 to December 2009) at including in the email your name and phone number. Keep in mind that the album that you’ll put in the first place of your list takes 20 points, the second 19 etc. We are going to summarize the ratings of all the lists and give out the 50 best of 00’s albums according to the fans’ opinion.

Five of you will win the first five best of – according to the tribute – 00’s albums! The voting will end in the 1st of December and the tribute will be up on December 20th (among with the announcement of the winner).

* Don’t forget to write the year of the release next to each album of your list.

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