Former SEPULTURA members Max (guitar, vocals) and Igor Cavalera (drums) will return to the studio in April 2010 to begin recording the follow-up to CAVALERA CONSPIRACY’s 2008 debut album, “Inflikted”. A late 2010 release via Roadrunner Records is expected.

Igor Cavalera told AOL’s Noisecreep late last year that CAVALERA CONSPIRACY hopes to release another album by this summer once he and his brother find time to work on some new material.

“Max is so busy with SOULFLY, and MIXHELL [Igor’s electronic duo, also featuring his wife — Ed.] is taking up most of me and [my wife] Laima’s time, so when we find some free time we do CAVALERA,” Igor said. “I think that’s why I really enjoy doing it. There’s no pressure of being in a band and sitting around waiting for gigs. When we get the offers we sit together and decide if we want to do them or not do them, so it’s really cool.

“We have some ideas of maybe doing a remix album of [CAVALERA CONSPIRACY’s debut CD, ‘Inflikted’] and have people like JUSTICE or SOULWAX — even some dub artists that my brother likes — remix the whole album,” he added. “But that’s just an idea. It’s nothing confirmed. But me and Max are talking about doing a new album in the future, but there’s no pressure. There’s nobody from the label or the agents trying to push us to do it as quick as possible.”

“Inflikted” has sold 42,000 copies in the United States since its March 2008 release, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Johny Chow (a.k.a. John Mark Bechtel; FIREBALL MINISTRY, SOULS OF WE, ex-SYSTEMATIC, MY RUIN) was recruited by CAVALERA CONSPIRACY to play bass for the group as the replacement for Joe Duplantier of the French progressive death metallers GOJIRA. Duplantier, who laid down all the bass tracks on “Inflikted”, was busy in the studio working on the new GOJIRA CD and was unable to join CAVALERA CONSPIRACY on the road