Enslaved Tribute cdVREID and DORDEDUH (the Romanian metal band featuring former NEGURA BUNGET members Hupogrammos and Sol Faur) are among the artists who will contribute to the forthcoming “official tribute” to Norwegian masters of progressive/experimental metal ENSLAVED. Twenty acts are scheduled to appear on the CD, entitled “Önd – A Tribute”, which will coincide with 20-year anniversary of Norway’s finest.

The cover artwork for “Önd – A Tribute” was created by David “Darkarts” Thiérrée in close collaboration with ENSLAVED members and can be seen below.

The final list of confirmed acts for ENSLAVED tribute:

* DORDEDUH (Romania)
* ODEM ARCARUM (Germany)
* ISLAND (Germany )
* ASMODEE (France)
* ANGANTYR (Denmark)
* REVERENCE (France)
* FOSCOR (Spain)
* STAGNANT WATERS (France/Norway)
* ANGMAR (France)
* RIBOZYME (Norway)
* EL REGN (Norway)
* VREID (Norway)
* JANVS (Italy)
* BELENOS (france)
* KRAKOW (Norway)
* LUX DIVINA (Spain)
* FEN (UK)

Source: www.blabbermouth.net