susperiaNorwegian metallers SUSPERIA will release a CD celebrating their 10-year anniversary as a recording artist, “We Are The Ones”, on November 11. According to a press release, “This album marks 10 years of releases, and at the same time a nice end of a circle where Mustis (ex-DIMMU BORGIR), who participated on SUSPERIA’s first demo in 1999, now returns after 12 years to once again put his magical touch on new, as well as old songs. A very fruitful cooperation which now has led to some fantastic re-recordings of some very popular, classic songs, now in complete symphonic versions. A brand new song has been recorded, with a massive orchestral theme. The contribution to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is of course featured. And to round up a celebratory album of this magnitude the right way, here it is finally, the entire infamous demo recording from 1999; ‘Illusions Of Evil’! Remastered and officially released for the very first time. Øyvind ‘Mustis’ Mustaparta has been a guest musician in the band for a period of six months, and the result of this junction is finally ready. Really just a huge celebration of the longtime brotherhood of the band, and an even bigger thank you to the devoted fans worldwide. What contributes to making this album so special now is the fact that SUSPERIA, in their 12-year existence, have had the same lineup of members, without exception. This is very rare, and quite special not only in the metal genre, but in the whole music industry in general. Especially within bands consisting of five or more members. This will also be vocalist Athera’s first release with SUSPERIA since the near-fatal heart attack in March 2009, and the subsuquent open-heart surgery.”

“We Are The Ones” track listing:

01. We Are The Ones (new song composed with Mustis, 2011)
02. Devil May Care (orchestral version, 2011) (originally from “Unlimited”, 2004)
03. The Bitter Man (orchestral version, 2011) (originally from “Vindication”, 2002)
04. Cut From Stone (orchestral version 2011) (originally from “Cut From Stone”, 2007
05. Nothing Remains (Eurovision Song Contest contribution, 2011)

1999 “Illusions Of Evil” demo remastered:

06. The Hellchild (demo version, 1999) (re-recorded on “Predominance”, 2001)
07. Illusions Of Evil (demo version, 1999) (re-recorded on “Predominance”)
08. Of Hate We Breed (demo version, 1999) (re-recorded on “Predominance”)
09. The Coming Of A Darker Time (demo version 1999) (re-recorded on “Predominance”)
10. Behind Consecrated Walls (demo version 1999) (previously only available as bonus track on South Korean version of “Predominance”)

susperia 2011 cd