IRON MAIDEN guitarist Adrian Smith and former SIKTH frontman Mikee Goodman have joined forces in a brand new studio project called PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION. The band’s debut album will be released on February 27 via Spinefarm Records.

According to a press release, PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION’s CD “fuses together two very different approaches to music — Mikee’s unique vocal tones and dark-yet-colorful lyrics, and Adrian’s instantly recognizable guitar melodies and song writing prowess. Adrian also plays bass throughout the album. All songs were co-written by Adrian and Mikee as individual pieces of work and recorded in creative windows of opportunity.”

Comments Adrian: “It was interesting doing this album with Mikee, not least because we have quite different influences. I was really pleased with the way it turned out. It has a really fresh feel to it.”

Adds Mikee: “This album takes you on a really deep and colourful journey, lyrically and musically. Adrian and I were both very open to experimenting with each others’ musical styles and influences, which we feel created something new and exciting.”

Session musicians who also contributed to PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION’s debut album include Abi Fry of BAT FOR LASHES and original SIKTH member Dan “Lord” Foord on drums.

A PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION track called “I See Lights” can be streamed using the SoundCloud player below.

PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION was originally scheduled to play a “one-off, under-the-radar” gig on January 15, 2011 at the Wycombe Bucks Student Union, but the gig ended up being canceled after it was inadvertently advertised via the Internet.