Two songs from BORN OF THE STORM — the new collaborative project featuring DEVILDRIVER vocalist Dez Fafara and LAMB OF GOD guitarist Mark Morton — are available for free download from Medaifire using the links below.

* “Nowhere Fast”: Download
* “Dust”: Download

According to Morton, Kevin Talley (SIX FEET UNDER, DAATH, MISERY INDEX, CHIMAIRA) played drums on the demos, with Morton handling the bass on “Dust”.

“Nowhere Fast” features a guest appearance by Ryan Lake of ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY on the first guitar solo.

Writing on his Twitter profile, Fafara previously compared the music to CIRCUS OF POWER meets “Badmotorfinger”-era SOUNDGARDEN while Morton cited Chicago doom legends TROUBLE as an influence on the material. At least 14 “killer tunes” have been written so far.

In a recent interview with NZRock, Morton stated about BORN OF THE STORM, “It’s interesting how [the collaboration with Dez] happened because essentially this is a project that Dez and I have been playing with for a long time. But what it really is, it’s two friends sending songs back and forth via email and just tinkering with stuff purely for fun. We made the mistake, I suppose… or overlooked the fact… we were tweeting with someone or I answered a question about it. I don’t even remeber exactly how it went down, it might’ve even been me and Dez tweeting back and forth. Someone caught wind of it and decided to make it a heavy metal news headline that Dez and I have a side project. [Laughs] It’s really not anything we are promoting, it’s not anything that we are necessarily working to release, it’s really just two friends having fun writing music. I think the fact that so many people are now asking questions about it and that it has generated so much interest, we may wind up putting a song or two out there just to let people put their ears on it and maybe get some feedback. But, really, the catalyst for it was that… I mean, I’m sure you talk to a lot of musicians and you probably hear this… but when you get signed to a label or when your band reaches a certain status, or when you’re on the road a lot, a lot of times the business side of things and the press… interviews, the touring, all the things that don’t have to do with strapping on your guitar or grabbing a mic and singing, a lot of the time those things can overshadow the actual creative process and I think it’s really important to do music for the sake of pure creativity and that’s the story with the project that Dez and I have. We’re not exactly sure if or when we’re going to release it. It’s really just two friends having fun.”

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