Niklas Kvarforth’s SHINING has debuted a track from the recently announced EP “Lots Of Girls Gonna Get Hurt”, which contains cover songs from KATATONIA, KENT, IMPERIET and POETS OF THE FALL. The first song from the four-track effort to be released is a version of KATATONIA’s “For My Demons”.

While KATATONIA is an internationally recognized name, KENT and Thåström’s IMPERIET are relatively unknown outside of Sweden, where they are two of the country’s biggest names, and POETS OF THE FALL is a Finnish band with a substantial following in their own country. Cover art is by Pauline Greefhorst.

Commenting on the decision to release an EP of covers, as well as on the choice of material, SHINING’s frontman and founder Niklas Kvarforth had this to say: “In no way should this EP be seen as a new direction for SHINING, and it is absolutely no indication of what you can expect from our upcoming eighth album. Like most musicians neither myself, nor the rest of the band, restrict ourselves to listening to only one genre of music. We all have eclectic tastes, and finding ourselves with some spare time in the studio, we recorded a total of six covers, and decided to release four of them. This EP simply represents some of the artists and music that we like. We know that those fans of SHINING who limit themselves to a narrow musical spectrum will hate the album, but that really is of no concern to us.”

“Lots of Girls Gonna Get Hurt” will be released on May 16 via Spinefarm Records.

SHINING’s as-yet-untitled eighth full-length album is due in the fall.