Swedish dark rockers KATATONIA have issued the following update:

“We are currently on our way to Russia, but we have some bad news. Unfortunately Anders [Nyström, guitar] is very sick and unable to travel with us, so we send our regards and wish him a speedy recovery. The show must go on and we didn’t want our fans to miss out so we have decided to carry on and play the concerts without him. We look forward to seeing you all over the next couple of days!”

Affected dates:

May 27 – Arctica Club – St. Petersburg, Russia
May 28 – Milk Club – Moscow, Russia

Norwegian singer Silje Wergeland, who has been fronting Dutch rockers THE GATHERING since early 2009, has recorded a duet with KATATONIA’s Jonas Renske for the Swedish band’s new album, tentatively due in September via Peaceville Records. KATATONIA describes the collaboration as “a beautiful fit in every way.”

KATATONIA’s new CD was recorded over a two-month period at Stockholm’s Ghost Ward studios and the band’s new, as-yet-unnamed headquarters. David Castillo returned to “twiddle the knobs,” while band co-founders Nyström and Jonas Renkse handled the rest of the production duties.

“Our seal of identity is on here for sure,” Nyström told Decibel magazine. “We haven’t gone and changed our sound, but we’ve further explored some different angles of good music, and that’s what we need to do to keep the focus. It might not be so obvious to some, but to others it will be a bigger deal. So, sure, a few surprises and a few songs going off territory are in there, but overall this album is a natural follow-up to [2009’s] ‘Night Is The New Day’, and that is what we wanted to do.”

Source: www.blabbermouth.net