Ex-SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach has revealed that he is willing to return to his former band but that one member of the group’s classic lineup is keeping the reunion from becoming a reality.

When asked via Twitter yesterday (Sunday, May 27) what the likelihood was of a SKID ROW reunion with Bach on vocals, Sebastian replied, “Four out of five [members of the classic SKID ROW lineup] want to do it. Believe it or not, I am one of the four who would do it.”

Speaking to the Boise Music Examiner last month, Bach stated about his former band, “We got offered a couple of reunion shows. A lot of the time people say, ‘How come you aren’t together?’ and I’ve never been offered any reunion with those guys until this year. There was a couple of offers for this Knebworth gig in England. Sonisphere… And they actually printed up a poster, ‘KISS with special guests SKID ROW,’ and that was actually a real thing, but those guys [the current members of SKID ROW] did not want to do it.”

Bach last year tweeted that he wanted his fans to stop asking him about a possible reunion with his former bandmates after SKID ROW bassist Rachel Bolan made it clear that the group has “never looked back” following Sebastian’s dismissal from the band in 1996.

Speaking to Adam Hammer of SCTimes.com, Bolan stated about Sebastian’s departure from SKID ROW, “We thought we were disbanded and that we’d never do it again. Then we kept getting emails and the management office was getting lots of letters about people wanting to see SKID ROW on stage and we really started to miss it. We knew if we got back together, we were going to do things different.”

He added, “When [current SKID ROW singer] Johnny [Solinger] joined the band [in 1999], that really gave us a kick in the ass. It was a different guy there and everything that came out of that guy was positive.”

On the topic of the persistent rumors of a reunion with Sebastian, Bolan said, “Actually, there were never any talks. Ever. That was all just total rumor. We got rid of him in the ’90s and never looked back. . . After the first tour [with Solinger on vocals], it seemed like this is the way it’s always been. It’s so weird, I’ll hear an old song on the radio and it just sounds so bizarre to me because I’m so used to Johnny singing it.”

After Bolan’s comments were posted on BLABBERMOUTH.NET, Bach tweeted the following in response to the article, “If this makes even one of you stop asking me ‘when are you getting the band back together’ then good. IT’S NOT HAPPENING.”

Sebastian previously shot down the possibility of a SKID ROW reunion with him on vocals at the February 2011 press conference in Los Angeles to announce the details of the third annual Revolver Golden Gods awards show. He said, “No [I am not interested in a reunion], because I don’t base my life in 2011 on, like, 30 years ago. And I also… I was kicked out of that band. Like, if you worked at Pizza Hut and you got fired, would you be knocking on the door of the Pizza Hut, ‘Please let me back in!!’ You’d be, like, ‘Fuck Pizza Hut! Fuck you!’ I’d be, like, ‘Fuck you! You wanna fucking kick me out? Go fuck yourself!’ [Laughs] I’m always perplexed by that. You don’t want me to sing in your band? Kiss my fucking ass! Don’t hurt yourself finding someone that can. [Laughs]”

Source: www.blabbermouth.net