According to, MEGADETH performed an abbreviated set last night(Tuesday, June 5)

at the Metalfest Open Air at Zadar Beach in Zadar, Croatia after members of crowd were flipping off the band and throwing stones and bottles at MEGADETH following the cancelation of two of the festival’s other main-stage acts.

Although there has been no official statement on the matter, it appears that DARK TRANQUILLITY was forced to pull out of the event due to “technical problems,” while W.A.S.P. refused to play following a rumored backstage disagreement with MEGADETH over other technical issues.

A short video clip capturing some of the mayhem from last night’s concert can be seen below. Also available is a short pre-show video message from MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson in which he can be heard saying rather prophetically, “The stage is set for the pandemonium to begin tonight.”

A YouTube user named Danijela Daisy wrote earlier today, “I am sooooo ashamed for what happened to MEGADETH last night! I wouldn’t blame them for not coming back to Croatia…this is not the way how you treath the part of the ‘Big 4′. It was horrible experience for me seeing that …I was also disappointed with W.A.S.P. for not coming at all…but we cannot blame MEGADETH for that…. I love ya, guys…wish you all the best and no more experiences like last night in Zadar.”

Another YouTube user, BalkanDixie, added, “I’m so sorry what happened yesterday! I hope you guys didn’t get hurt and I hope you didn’t take all that rock-throwing shit seriously, ’cause Croatia loves you! Please don’t hate whole nation because of that act, there are F…. RETARDS all over the world, and Croatia is not exception!!! SORRY.”