According to the Czech news web site Novinky, LAMB OF GOD singer Randy Blythe was arrested yesterday (Thursday, June 28) in the Czech Republic and charged with manslaughter over an incident that happened more than two years ago.

Blythe reportedly got into an altercation with a fan during the band’s show at the Prague club Abaton in May 2010 and the fan later died of his injuries.

When LAMB OF GOD arrived on Thursday to play a show at the Rock Café in Prague with SKELETONWITCH and ALL SHALL PERISH, the local police brought the musician in for questioning. LAMB OF GOD’s appearance at the venue was canceled later in the day.

A spokesperson for LAMB OF GOD says that Blythe is “wrongly accused,” that the band’s “lawyers are dealing with it,” and that “we expect him to be fully exonerated.”