Carlos Reali of conducted an interview with vocalist Chris Barnes of Florida death metallers SIX FEET UNDER on June 18 at the Gothic Theatre in Denver, Colorado. You can now watch the chat in two parts below.

When asked about his reputation as a “legalize cannabis” activist in his spare time, Barnes said, “I believe [cannabis] was placed here on earth by a higher power or another being or an alien being or something that has a plan for us. . . It’s scientific knowledge that our systems are built around the cannabinoidal system. We need cannabinoids ingested into our bodies to build our immune system; it’s a natural benefit to us as humans. There’s a lot of things out there, scientifically, that prove this and show that it actually is a possibility to cure cancer as well. . . It is a passive, recreational drug. It is what you make it to be. Those are things that I found to be true, scientifically, about the human body needing cannabis in their system. What we don’t need in our system is this [grabbing a bottle of Heineken] — a beer, alcohol. We don’t need cigarettes, we don’t need tobacco. But, for some reason, these things are legal to us and shoved down our throats, advertised on the Super Bowl, and we’re supposed to consume these things. And they are the most deadliest things that we consume as human beings in our daily lives and they kill more people on the face of this planet than anything else that we use recreationally. So why are these items — alcohol and tobacco — available to us and we use them and eat them up and let them kill us? Why does that happen? That’s the hypocrisy to why marijuana and cannabis should be legalized. And it’s because it does not harm anyone physically. It has been scientifically proven that it helps us and benefits us as humans and we need it in our systems — period. So the hypocrisy in the prohibition of marijuana, of cannabis, should stop across the board. It should be used medicinally, it should be used recreationally, it should be used as products, it should be used as oil to run our cars, it should be used numerous different ways that could benefit the planet. Businesses can be started, economies can be boosted by this plant which grows simply, fast, and it actually produces more replenishing oxygen into the ozone faster than any other plant that grows on this planet. So all of those things wrapped up together, that’s what I think about marijuana and cannabis. That’s why prohibition is a hypocrisy that is being pushed by those in power for some reason. And the only thing I can think of is they are afraid of those that use it and they wanna kill people with this [holding a bottle of Heineken] to control the population.”

SIX FEET UNDER last month announced the addition of Swedish rhythm guitarist Ola Englund (FEARED, SCARPOINT) to their legendary ranks. Englund, who made his first official appearance with the band on the “18 Nights Of Blood Tour” earlier this month, takes the place of Rob Arnold (CHIMAIRA).

SIX FEET UNDER’s new album, “Undead”, was released on May 22 through Metal Blade Records. The 12-track CD was produced by Mark Lewis (DEICIDE, DEVILDRIVER) and mixed by Jason Suecof (WHITECHAPEL, JOB FOR A COWBOY), at AudioHammer Studios in Sanford, Florida.