The cover artwork for the forthcoming tribute album to David Gold — a founding member of the Ontario, Canada-based black and doom metal band WOODS OF YPRES, who was killed in December in a car accident near Barrie, Ontario — can be seen below.

The project’s mastermind, Steph LeDrew, states about the collection: “On December 21, the world lost WOODS OF YPRES founder/frontman David Gold. Not only was the entire local metal community but the international metal family mourned the loss of such a brilliant soul. As a thank you and farewell to WOODS OF YPRES, I reached out to those who were influenced by WOODS and David, so join me in creating a musical salute to one of the greatest doom metal bands to unleash onto the underground metal scene.”

Arists and songs featured on the album are as follows:

* NOVEMBERS DOOM – “Wet Leather”
* GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH – “Suicide Cargoload”
* ECLIPSE ETERNAL – “Crossing The 45th Parallel”
* EMPYREAN PLAGUE – “Shedding The Deadwood”
* PANZERFAUST – “A Meeting Place And Time”
* PAGAN RITUAL – “The Shams Of Optimism”
* AMARANTH – “Allure Of The Earth”
* ALBIREON – “Retrosleep In The Morning Calm”
* ANEMIC – “The Sun Was In My Eyes: Part Doom”
* BEGOTTEN – “The Sea Of Immeasureable Loss”
* RELIQUIS – “Career Suicide”
* CANOPY – “Falling Apart”
* UNBOWED – “Your Ontario Town Is A Burial Ground”
* DEATHMARCH – “Northern Cold”
* KUHRZARTH – “Finality”
* THE GOV’ AND FRIENDS – “Intro: The Looming Of Dust In The Dark”
* THE BEAR HUNTERS – “Thrill Of The Struggle”
* SVARTE KRAKE – “You Were The Light”
* JUSTIN BENDER (INTO ETERNITY) – “Trillium: The 3rd Of Three Winters”

A release date for the effort has not yet been announced.

For more information, go to this location.

Formed in 2002, WOODS OF YPRES has earned critical acclaim for its ever-evolving, envelope-pushing mix of blackened doom metal. Most often compared to bands such as AGALLOCH and TYPE O NEGATIVE, WOODS OF YPRES toes a thin line between the catchy, the artistic and the extreme to create an unmistakable signature sound.

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