“Wall Of Sound”, the brand new single from Firewind, became gold in Sweden selling 10.000 copies. Daniela Pilic, on behalf of Sweden Rock Magazine hit the stage during Firewind’s recent show (Quality video below) in their hometown, Thessaloniki, on Wednesday 18 July and gave the awards to the band (Exclusive video by Metalpaths can be found below).

On the other hand, right after the end of the show, the lead guitarist and founder of the band Gus G. announced that on ocassion of the 10 years anniversary since Firewind’s first official release, the band is going to do a Greek tour in the very near future including both Athens and Thessaloniki. Especially for their hometown, Thessaloniki, Gus said that they are planning to do 3 shows in a row having a different set list each day.

“Falling To Pieces”:

[flash https://www.metalpaths.com/wp-videos/firewind-falling-to-pieces-thessaloniki.flv]


[flash https://www.metalpaths.com/wp-videos/firewind-award.flv]