In a brand new interview with Albania’s Top Channel web site, WHITESNAKE frontman David Coverdale was asked what fans can expect from the band in the near future. “I am always reticent to discuss in detail what we’re planning as I still enjoy ‘surprises.'”

He continued, “In this day and age, with global technology and overwhelming social media, it is getting harder and harder to keep anything secret until they are ready to be presented. We host a very interactive global web site with and I answer people’s questions as much as I can without giving too much away.”

“We are very, very active this year behind the scenes. Many exciting things in the pipeline. Two projects I can tell you about are related to completing the ‘Forevermore’ project. An in-concert DVD from last year’s tour and also a double live CD featuring different shows. It’s shaping up very well indeed and I think a lot of people will enjoy re-living the concert experience they had with us in 2011. We have also started Whitesnake TV, which is off to a fantastic start and seems to be making a lot of people happy.”

Asked if WHITESNAKE will tour next year, Coverdale said, “There are plans to start in Europe in May, I heard, but as yet there is nothing concrete. But, of course, we hope to be out there again. We have too much fun with audiences to stay at home for too long!”

Regarding whether all his plans involve WHITESNAKE, or if fans can expect any other collaborations or solo projects, Coverdale said, “WHITESNAKE is my priority and at this time I have no other plans to collaborate with other artists. But, you know rock and roll… Everything can change with a phone call.”