Former STRATOVARIUS, REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE and SYMFONIA mainman Timo Tolkki has opened a new mixing and mastering studio, Studiotolkki, in Helsinki, Finland.

Tolkki, along with Mikko Paakkanen (CEO) and Juha Rautio (studio manager), describe themselves on the studio’s web site as “a bunch of audio freaks [who], with the help of few investors, created this studio for your mixes and mastering. We guarantee that the work done here is world class, the prices competitive and the mixes recallable for quick changes you want to make.”

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Tolkki last year made his “Loneliness Of A Thousand Years” book available for free download at this location.

Tolkki is most well known for his music and thought-provoking lyrics. In many of his songs lies just a hint of the pain he has suffered that has shaped him into the artist he has become.

In the spring of 2004, Timo was overtaken by a nervous breakdown that caused him to be hospitalized. The next few years would completely engulf his life and leave him on the brink of suicide. “Loneliness Of A Thousand Years” candidly describes his heart-breaking journey through life and gives his fans just a glimpse into the intricate psyche of Timo Tolkki.

Tolkki drew up and signed an official waiver on May 20, 2008 giving up all rights to the STRATOVARIUS name. The remaining STRATOVARIUS members — Timo Kotipelto (vocals), Jens Johansson (keyboards) and Lauri Porra (bass) — have since recorded and released two additional STRATOVARIUS albums with guitarist Matias Kupiainen.