VRAK is an up-and-coming Swedish band featuring the inimitable vocalist Josefin Finér (BURNING KITCHEN, SJU SVÅRA Å) alongside a bunch of well-known players: guitarist Mikael Kjellman (MARTYRDÖD, SKITSYSTEM), bassist Martin Larsson (AT THE GATES, UNDERACHIEVER) and drummer Anton Grönholm (ACURSED, SANCTUARY IN BLASPHEMY).

VRAK‘s four-song EP, “I Dream”, can be streamed using the widget below. According to a press release, the songs on “I Dream” represent a “fresh sample of the the band’s powerful musical witch brew. Transcending the boundaries of alternative rock, metal and punk. VRAK offers epic songwriting and captivating melody delivered trough a dark and brooding soundscape of heavy rock with intense driven guitar playing and amazing female vocals.”

“I Dream” EP track listing:

01. I Dream (02:53)
02. Targets (03:48)
03. Mother’s Wait (04:00)
04. Sister (02:37)

Source: www.blabbermouth.net