According to Denver Westword Blogs, vocalist Anders Fridén of Swedish metallers IN FLAMES last month visited the Denver brewery Great Divide Brewing, which has been distributing its beers to Sweden for years via Great Brands — a craft-beer-focused Swedish distributor that carries a handful of American brews, including those from AveryLeft HandOskar Blues and SkaAnders, who says he is “a huge fan of good beer,” got in touch with Great Divide‘s owner, Brian Dunn, through a friend who works for Great Brands.

The band and brewers became fast friends, and when brewer Chris Kirklearned that IN FLAMES was going to be in town, he invited Anders to the brewery to help put together a final pilot batch of HeyDay — a Belgian-style White ale that will be released this spring.

“Music and beer are so fucking similar,” noted Fridén. “We put our heart and soul into what we do, and so do these guys. We’re ambassadors. It’s all about spreading the love…life’s too short to drink shit.”

Anders previously collaborated with several Swedish breweries under a brand he started with a friend called FrEQuency.