Joe Wade of the Daily Nebraskan recently conducted an interview with drummer Daniel Svensson of Swedish metallers IN FLAMES. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Daily Nebraskan: I’ve heard that IN FLAMES doesn’t write songs on the road. Why is that?

Daniel Svensson: Yeah, we tried but we can’t. We focus so much on the tour and it feels like we want to close this chapter before starting a new one. We tried once when we had a lot of touring, but it didn’t really work out so when we tour, we tour, and when we write music, we write music. It works best for us.

Daily Nebraskan: Is there a difference between the sound of heavy metal from America as opposed to the sound from Europe?

Daniel Svensson: I don’t think the differences are as big anymore as it was 10 or 15 years ago. I think European bands are more melodic, it’s like more melancholic in a way and American bands are a little bit more hardcore, so to speak. But all these differences are evening out. It’s so much easier now to listen to the bands. You don’t have to run out to the record store and buy albums, you can sit at home and explore in front of the computer.

Daily Nebraskan: IN FLAMES has gone through a few lineup changes since it started. What was that process like? Also what can you tell me about the current lineup? Are things better than ever?

Daniel Svensson: We are a really tight unit. We play so many shows together and we are like a big family. I think in the beginning, in the early 1990s, IN FLAMES was more like a pop band, side-project for people. Then when IN FLAMES started to tour, some people couldn’t really stand touring, so that’s why people dropped off. When IN FLAMES released “The Jester Race”, the lineup became kind of steady. Then in 1998, when “Colony” came, I joined and since then it’s been the same guys.

Daily Nebraskan: What’s next for the band?

Daniel Svensson: We’re going to tour up until the end of August and then hopefully we’ll record a new album in the fall and winter. Then release it next year sometime, so, that’s what’s in the pipeline right now.

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