Adam Lawton of Media Mikes recently conducted an interview with former KORN guitarist and current LOVE AND DEATH frontman Brian “Head” Welch (pictured below). An excerpt from the chat follows below.

Media Mikes: Can you tell us how things came about for you to be joining KORN at this year’s Rock On The Range festival?

Welch: I went to a show of theirs last May and ended up jamming a song with them on stage. It was very last minute, but it felt so good and it was very emotional. Right after that, Munky, the other [KORN] guitar player, asked me if I wanted to come back and do some shows with them. I told him that I didn’t think now was the right time but I would think about it. I just started thinking about how awesome and emotional it was for everybody. I started getting advice from other people and they were all leaning towards this being the right time. This door obviously opened for a reason and there will be some reconciliation going on that needs to happen. I went back to the guys and said, “Let’s do it.” Everyone was very agreeable and things came together pretty easily.

Media Mikes: Is there any chance [original KORN] drummer David Silveria will be back as well?

Welch: No. David has really said some crazy things online about personal things and he’s not in a place where people would really want him around. That happened before I talked with them, but I guess the things he said were really crazy. Those guys were in a band together for so long, so I don’t know, but for now it’s just not going to happen.

Media Mikes: Have you and the guys from KORN started rehearsing yet?

Welch: We have been getting together off and on, but we will be starting to get things going more in the next couple of months. It’s going to be a lot of fun to play those old songs again. The times we have been together so far have been nothing but positive between everyone. It’s like nothing negative ever happened between any of us. Things were never really crazy between any of us as there were just a few things said here and there. We never had hate for one another as I love my old friends and it feels good to connect again.

Media Mikes: Is thing going to be just a short run of shows or will you be fully rejoining the band?

Welch: We are going slowing with things right now. We don’t want to rush things and we also aren’t sure how far we want to take it. Anything is possible at this time, but we are being really careful not to move to fast and have something happen. Even if I was to fully rejoin KORN, I will still keep doing LOVE AND DEATH.

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