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TBFM Online conducted an interview with former SKID ROW singerSebastian Bach at the Hard Rock Hell festival, which took place between November 29, 2012 and December 3, 2012 at Hafan-y-Mor Holiday Camp in North Wales, United Kingdom. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

TBFM Online: Late 2011, [your latest solo album] “Kicking & Screaming”came out, of course. How well has that done?

Bach: People love it! I play the songs in concert right next to the SKID ROW songs and they stick together. I think I’ve proven, you know, with [all the albums I’ve recorded], the fans know I make good fucking albums. [laughs] I’ve made a lot of ’em now! When I get excited about a song, it’s a real excitement. It’s not fake, and I can’t fake that feeling. If a songwriter writes a song with me and I don’t like it, I can’t lie to him and say, “Oh, this is great.” I either love it or I can’t sing it. I can’t sing a song that I don’t love.

TBFM Online: You don’t feel it?

Bach: I’ve tried to, but in the old band, I would come up with something that I wouldn’t be into, and I’d go up to the mic and try to be a good guy and one of the team, and I would start singing and then my mouth would just shut [laughs] and everyone would go, “What the fuck, dude?” I don’t know what to tell you … I can’t pretend to rock. I have to love the music. I didn’t get into this business to release music that I don’t like. I got into this business to create music that I fucking love and I wanna grab you by the collar and go, “Listen to this!” [laughs]

TBFM Online: How hard do you find it, with radio stations and the like, to get your new stuff heard? Everyone likes to play old SKID ROW tracks that everyone knows.

Bach: Well, I just keep my head down. I don’t bother… Like, the video for the song “Kicking & Screaming” is over a million plays on YouTube. A million plays is a million plays, and you can’t fucking argue with that! I mean, how many people is that? It’s a million fucking people! So I’m lucky, you know. I just keep my fucking head down, you know. I don’t say, “Oh, what’s everyone else doing?” I don’t give a shit what anyone is doing. I have one life, and I’ve been doing this all my life, and just like Ronnie James Dio, I will do this when I’m 63, god willing, if I make it that far. But I am that kind of guy — I will be singing ’18 And Life’, hitting the scream, god willing, when I’m fucking in my 60s, ’cause I can do it.

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Source: www.blabbermouth.net