True musicians don’t make music a part of their lives; they make themselves a part of music. “I wanted to use my voice for something bigger,” LACUNA COIL singer Cristina Scabbia says in her “Beacon Moment.” She and LACUNA COIL co-vocalist Andrea Ferro talk about how giving into the music around them brought out the music already in them.

Andrea shares how music went from being just the soundtrack of his life to being the center of it. And while joining LACUNA COIL may not have been what made Cristina fall in love with music, it did enable her to share that love with the world.

The “Beacon Moment” is a decision, experience or choice that shapes the outcome of the rest of your life.

“End Of Time”, the latest video from LACUNA COIL, was filmed on October 17, 2012 with Italian director Roberto Cinardi (a.k.a. Saku).

LACUNA COIL previously worked with Saku on the clips for the songs “Spellbound” and “I Won’t Tell You”, taken from the band’s 2009 album “Shallow Life”. He also directed the mini-movies that came with the bonus DVD of the limited editions of LACUNA COIL‘s current album, “Dark Adrenaline”.

“End Of Time” comes off “Dark Adrenaline”, which sold around 20,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 15 on The Billboard 200 chart.

In an interview with AOL‘s Noisecreep, Scabbia stated about “End Of Time”: “We imagine a sort of a trip that you can go on with you your car, driving for hours. We imagine this cinegraphy [sic] late, late in the afternoon when the sun is coming down and you’re relaxed in your car going for a long trip. That’s the image we got from it. It’s definitely a ballad. But we always have ballads in every album. We always have melodic parts for a moment.”

“End Of Time” video: