A teaser for “War Of Ages”, the new album from European symphonic metallers SERENITY, can be seen below. The effort will be made available on March 22 in Europe, with an expected March/April release for North America and Asia. The new CD will introduce a major change in the band’s music and lineup.

Since their second album, SERENITY has been including female voices in its songs, had different guests to perform them live and among them was Clémentine Delauney. Going on tour together, the band realized her voice, personality and stage performance was bringing something special to the band’s universe and thought she should be present on the new record. The idea evolved with time… why not have a permanent female voice in the band? And it seems they had found the perfect one both on professional and personal levels. So it came up somehow naturally that Clémentine should not be considered “guest” anymore.

Clémentine Delauney is now a full member of SERENITY. Thus “War Of Ages” welcomes Clémentine‘s voice on lead, backing and choir parts, completing the music with a constant feminine presence.

Says the band: “The band has the will to make its music richer on the vocal side; this is a start of a new approach! SERENITY will explore and use the unlimited musical possibilities of those two outstanding voices, to start with, and ‘War Of Ages’ is the perfect transition record between what SERENITY was and what it will become in the coming years! We hope you share our excitement!”

“War Of Ages” was once again mixed and mastered by Jan Vacik at Dreamsound Studios in Munich, Germany. The cover artwork was created by Seth Siro Anton, who previously worked with SERENITY on their debut album. The band states: “It likely is his best work to date and the whole cover figurine is just as impressive as the limited-edition closeup.” SERENITY also collaborated again with Oliver Philipps on arrangements and orchestration.

“War Of Ages” track listing:

01. Wings Of Madness
02. The Art Of War
03. Shining Oasis
04. For Freedom’s Sake
05. Age Of Glory
06. The Matricide
07. Symphony For The Quiet
08. Tannenberg
09. Legacy Of Tudors
10. Royal Pain
11. Fairytales (ballad version; limited-edition bonus track)
12. Love Of My Life (limited-edition bonus track)

Says the band: “While staying true to all SERENITY trademarks such as symphonic orchestras, heavy rhythms, amazing melodic vocals and bombastic choirs, we also brought in some new elements in form of various new sounds in the SERENITY universe and a constant implementation of female vocals supporting outstanding singer Georg Neuhauser.”

Source: www.blabbermouth.net