Swedish extreme metallers SHINING will be the subject of a documentary which is being produced for release in 2014. Conceived by Martin Strandberg of Sweden’s Black Shadows Film Productions, the film will chart the often turbulent history of the band and contain candid interviews with the people who have been most closely involved withSHINING in one way or another over the years, including family, friends and former band members.

A video teaser for the documentary was recently released, and English subtitles have now been added. The teaser can be seen below.

Commenting on the project, SHINING leader Niklas Kvarforth said: “We keep being asked about the documentary, but we are as much in the dark about it as everyone else. It’s Martin‘s project, and we have no input into it at all other than as interviewees. We shall see what we shall see.”

SHINING‘s eighth album, “Redefining Darkness”, came out last October through Spinefarm Records.

The band in May 2012 released an EP of cover songs with a choice of material that came as a surprise to many of SHINING‘s fans. The four-track EP, titled “Lots of Girls Gonna Get Hurt”, included tracks fromKATATONIAKENTIMPERIET and POETS OF THE FALL.