RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE guitarist Tom Morello recently joined the lineup of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND THE E STREET BAND for a series of shows in Australia while veteran E STREET BAND member Steven Van Zandt was filming a new TV show.

Australian radio station Triple M spoke with Morello as he stepped off soundcheck with Springsteen and asked him if there is a new RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE album in the works.

“No, there’s no plans for anything right now. No plans,” he told Triple M.

“I wish I could give you some big scoop but,” he laughed, “It’s like asking ‘have you seen a unicorn today?’ Well, I still haven’t seen a unicorn today!”

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Morello spoke with Rolling Stone after his fourth show on the Springsteen tour, saying, “It’s been great. It’s been really an honor being onstage with one of my favorite bands — one of the greatest live bands of all time. I’ve been to a lot of Bruce Springsteen shows, but I’ve never been to four consecutive ones. And every show isn’t just a different show — a completely different experience.”

Morello has been jumping onstage at Springsteen shows for a few years, usually to perform “The Ghost Of Tom Joad”. He told The Pulse Of Radio a while back how playing with the Boss changed his own style of performance. “It really made me realize I can keep the integrity of the solo performance intact, and still shred my ass off,” he said. “And bring the thing which I do best, which is, you know, play wild, electric guitar, and have that all be in one evening.”

Even though Morello himself has been playing live for over 20 years with RAGE, AUDIOSLAVE and as a solo artist, he said that adjusting to the E STREET BAND‘s ever-changing set list was a challenge. He explained, “Every night, 90 minutes til soundcheck, Bruce will text me with seven or eight songs we’ve never played before. And then during the show, he’ll call up songs we’ve never even discussed — some I’ve never even heard! Every night, there’s six to eight songs I have literally about a nanosecond to prepare for. But it’s fun.”

Morello has four more shows left with Springsteen on this tour, which ends Sunday (March 31). Van Zandt will rejoin the E STREET BAND at the end of April for the start of a European trek.

Source: www.blabbermouth.net