VICIOUS RUMORS singer Brian Allen will not be able to tour during the month of May due to sudden family matters . Brian will return to VICIOUS RUMORS for the summer European tour in July/August 2013 and the“Metal Masters Tour” featuring VICIOUS RUMORSLEATHERWOLF andSEVEN WITCHES from September 18 to October 25. Replacing him during the month of May/June in Europe will be former VICIOUS RUMORS singer and HELSTAR mainman James Rivera.

James is part of the VICIOUS RUMORS family and were so proud to have him join us at this hard time,” VICIOUS RUMORS guitarist Geoff Thorpe said. “Don’t miss this special lineup of VICIOUS RUMORS on the‘Electric Punishment’ tour all over Europe.

“We want to thank all our partners, agents, promoters and fans in advance.

“The only bad tour is the one you don’t do!!

“See you at the shows for night after night of unforgettable heavy metal.”

“I Am The Gun”, the new video from VICIOUS RUMORS, can be seen below. The song comes off the band’s new album, “Electric Punishment”, which was released on April 29 in Europe and will be made available on May 7 in U.S./Canada via Steamhammer/SPV.

There definitely is no discernible loss of friction on “Electric Punishment”, which is again ruled by what Thorpe refers to as an “impressive double-bass thunder, double-guitar attacks and haunting vocals the way you only get them with this band.” At the same time, the ten new songs are clearly more multi-layered and diverse than the material on its 2011 predecessor, “Razorback Killers”.

Thorpe, vocalist Brian Allen, bassist Stephen Goodwin and drummerLarry Howe were supported by guitarist Thean Rasmussen, who returned to the VICIOUS RUMORS fold after “Razorback Killers”. In addition, Thorpe & Co. invited a number of former allies to the studio as guest musicians: Brad Gillis features on “D-Block”“Together We Unite” and “Eternally”Marc McGhee on “Escape (From Hell)”, and last but not least, tour guitarist Bob Capka helped out at the studio with a number of rhythm guitars and a haunting solo on “D-Block”.