Source: Blabbermouth

In a brand new interview with editor-in-chief Rick Florino, singer and bassist Troy Sanders of Atlanta progressive metallersMASTODON spoke about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band’s follow-up to 2011’s “The Hunter”, tentatively due in early 2014.

Asked if the new material picks up where “The Hunter” left off or if it is a new avenue altogether, Sanders said: “To a degree, I’m going to say it’s picking up where we left off. It’s kind of an open game or a clean slate. Every single day I go to band practice, I feel like I’m going to a chef’s table for a food tasting because there’s an element of the unknown. I’m fascinated with that. Either Chef Brent or Chef Bill will present a tasty riff dish of the day and we all lock in and go for it. Nothing that is out of the box will be turned away.”

He continued: “We’re doing this for ourselves and by ourselves. We’re creating delicious sandwiches every day at band practice. [laughs]

“Yesterday Chef Brent brought down some tasty turkey, and it was delicious. Brann decides what kind of bread is going to sandwich it. I’m just trying to create an intriguing mayonnaise or some kind of glue to hold this sandwich together. Who knows that’s going to happen today? We just don’t know.

“Per usual, in the writing process, I’m completely absorbed in MASTODONmaterial. I’m a late bloomer, and it takes me a while to grasp a lot of things in life, and MASTODON material is one of them. I’ll listen to a demo of a particular song over and over until I can possibly find an interesting vocal melody line or lyrics that’ll fit a certain part. I immerse myself one-hundred percent in our riff writing. I’m also enjoying my home time as we’re about to leave for the entire summer. I’m trying to find a healthy balance of home and tour life.”

Regarding what’s next for MASTODONSanders said: “We’ve got the skeletons of enough songs for an entire album. We’re thinking of vocal ideas and putting together as much rough demos as we can before we go overseas so we can listen to everything over the summer. Then, when we return from the tour, we’ll know what we want to keep, delete, and add.”

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