Source: Blabbermouth

Mark Dean of Myglobalmind webzine recently conducted an interview with legendary guitarist Michael Schenker (UFOSCORPIONS). You can now listen to the chat using the Mixcloud player below. A couple of excerpts from the interview follow.

Myglobalmind: Are you a religious man?

Michael: I don’t know what that means. I have body, mind and soul and I am all of that. It’s good to look after all three aspects in order to keep a balance.

Myglobalmind: Are you proud of your past, of what you have achieved?

Michael: Well, it’s all development. Everything was special at the time when it was done because it was always the now. I don’t really necessarily look back. If I look back, I had a great journey, for sure. I like the now because the past has been done. I dealt with it and so my focus is more on the now than even in the future. I may have a blueprint of what is coming up, [for example] of what the tour is, the dates. [But] I don’t know what I am going to be doing further down the road.

Myglobalmind: Are you happy now? You seem to be very positive, very upbeat.

Michael: Life for me is about… I have two tattoos, one is “Born to be free” and [the other] one is “Born to overcome.” My whole life, I knew that it was about overcoming. That is what I am focusing on. In general, I love to play and discover, to learn and discover; that’s what I love doing. Yes, that is what life is for — to develop to that point. Out of confusion into more understanding; that is what life offers.

Myglobalmind: There has been a lot of shit talked about you over the years, and the accessibility of the Internet in modern times can only add to that.

Michael: Yes, but that goes with life — the more famous you are, the more shit you get. I am blessed and totally grateful because I am not sticking out like a sore thumb, and I’m not totally unknown. I am in a very comfortable place where I can enjoy lots of peace and still have… It’s a very good place that I am in. I don’t go into a supermarket and see a big headline about myself, shit about shit that doesn’t even exist, or paparazzi coming up and disturbing my peace. I don’t have that, so I can walk around and have my peace. That used to happen, though, and it would get on my nerves. When I was younger, people kept running after me and telling me, “Schenker is God.” I couldn’t deal with that, you know. I didn’t want to know about that.

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