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Industrial metal pioneers MINISTRY will release their final live DVD, “Enjoy The Quiet – Live At Wacken 2012”, on August 2. The disc captures the final show of the band’s 2012 “Relapse” tour at Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany. Frontman Al Jourgensen was still battling severe dysentery when he took the stage at Wacken on August 3, 2012 in front of 75,000 screaming fans. Through sheer willpower, he was able to hold himself together and perform in Wacken at his utmost peak with a band of traveling bandits he considered close friends as well as gifted musicians.

Tragically, MINISTRY‘s longtime guitarist and Jourgensen‘s best friendMike Scaccia died less than five months later after tracking songs forMINISTRY‘s final album, “From Beer To Eternity”, which is scheduled for a September 6, 2013 release.

Mikey was in his version of heaven at Wacken,” Jourgensen says. “His guitar playing was the heart and soul of MINISTRY and he loved that band more than everyone — even me. He’s the one who convinced me to continue when I swore I was done with it.”

“From Beer To Eternity” is dedicated to the memory of Scaccia, as is“Enjoy the Quiet – Live At Wacken”, which will debut at the already sold-out 2013 Wacken Open Air festival in Germany August 1-3, 2013. The project is a collaboration between 13th Planet Records andUDR/Wacken Records GmbH.

Jourgensen says: “Not only is this DVD a great recording of Mikey at his absolute best performance, in his element, having the time of his life, it’s one of the last live official videos of the band ever. If you didn’t see the tour, you’ll want to catch what you missed. And if you were there, well, you saw a piece of history and the DVD will make a great souvenir — or a great drink coaster.”

“Enjoy The Quiet” captures the transcendent chaos of MINISTRY‘s sixth-to-last performance in all its kinetic glory. The fourth live MINISTRYrelease, the DVD may be their best yet. The members were all clean and the chemistry between the musicians was spellbinding.

“Seriously, the Wacken show was special,” Jourgensen says. “The crowd was great and the band were so tight and heavy, they blew everyone away.”

Usually bands at major festivals draw major reaction for their greatest hits and the audience members cross their arms when the groups play their newer material. But the Wacken crowd was just as excited to hearMINISTRY blast through songs from their 2012 album, “Relapse” — the show opener “Ghouldiggers”“99%ers” and the title track — as they were to hear “New World Order (N.W.O.)” from the band’s 1992 classic“Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs”.

“Enjoy The Quiet” was shot in high-definition video on a multitude of cameras with 5.1 stereo sound. The DVD features eight songs from the last four MINISTRY albums; “Just One Fix” and “New World Order (N.W.O.)” from “Psalm 69”; and “Thieves” from 1989’s “The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste”, the record that established MINISTRY as an industrial metal force long before the genre had a name. The DVD also features music videos for “Ghouldiggers” and “99%ers”, shot by Zach Passero.

The 2012 Wacken performance marked Jourgensen‘s second appearance at the legendary festival. MINISTRY had previously played Wacken in 2006 on their “Rio Grande Blood” tour the same day as AMON AMARTH,CELTIC FROSTCHILDREN OF BODOMCARNIVORESIX FEET UNDERand others.

With 16 million records sold worldwide, six Grammy nominations and kudos from industrial and metal bands including NINE INCH NAILSSLIPKNOTand KORNAl Jourgensen has earned the title “godfather of industrial metal.” Subversive, political and ever able to develop new methods of sonic demolition, Jourgensen remains the voice of generation anarchy at a time when most rock veterans have relented to releasing half-assed albums and touring a yearly greatest-hits package to maintain the upkeep on their mansions.

“Enjoy The Quiet – Live At Wacken 2012” track listing:

Wacken 2012

01. Ghouldiggers
02. No “W”
03. Rio Grande Blood
04. LiesLiesLies
05. 99 Percenters
06. Life Is Good
07. Waiting
08. Relapse
09. New World Order (N.W.O.)
10. Just One Fix
11. Thieves

Bonus Disc: Wacken 2006

01. Fear Is Big Business
02. Señor Peligro
03. No “W”
04. Rio Grande Blood
05. The Great Satan
06. Waiting
07. LiesLiesLies
08. Worthless
09. Wrong
10. New World Order (N.W.O.)
11. Just One Fix
12. Thieves
13. Khyber Pass
14. Psalm 69

MINISTRY lineup on “Enjoy The Quiet – Live At Wacken 2012”:

Al Jourgensen: vocals, guitar
Mike Scaccia: guitar
Sin Quirin: guitar
John Bechdel: keyboards
Casey Orr: bass
Aaron Rossi: drums