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Bassist John Campbell of Richmond, Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD was interviewed on the June 7-9 edition of Full Metal Jackie‘s nationally syndicated radio show. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

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Interview (audio):

Full Metal Jackie: The tour dates that you guys are out on right now are more than a bunch of live performances, they’re also serving as this celebration of [singer] Randy‘s [Blythe] freedom and the way in which he achieved that freedom which is a pretty honorable way. Stepping onstage for the first night of this current tour with the charges against Randy in the Czech Republic aquitted, how did it feel different from any other timeLAMB OF GOD has gone onstage?

John: Well, it felt very much the same. It was just us getting back to what we do; it was very comfortable and felt great to get out there. It was a very uncomfortable time there for a little bit, not knowing whether or not we would be able to do that again.

Full Metal Jackie: It was a trying time and I think the metal community really came together as a whole and just rallied behind Randy.

John: I agree, but it’s important that in all of this it’s not lost that a fan lost his life. We lost somebody through all this and that’s a tragedy.

Full Metal Jackie: Collectively as a band, John, and for you personally, what’s been the most life-changing aspect of everything that’s happened over the last year or so?

John: It definitely makes you wonder where exactly you’re headed, what options you have in front of you. I would say just the not knowing whether or not we were going to continue on with the band was an interesting situation to deal with.

Full Metal JackieJohn, as we were saying, metal is such an intimate community and most bands know each other. Has there been discussion about affecting a change in concert security and the way concerts are staged?

John: No, because the incident in Prague was a situation where things were not done the way they were supposed to and a tragedy occurred. There’s a reason why things are supposed to happen a certain way and people are supposed to make sure they happen that way this point forward. Randy takes the stage to make sure everybody’s there to have a good time and to watch out for everybody, I don’t think it’s changed anything at all.

Full Metal Jackie: Music can be solace or a catharsis; it can motivate, listening to it and playing it. How is music most helpful as a healing tool for you?

John: For me personally, music definitely affects moods and can be used as a tool to affect your mood, whether you find music that matches the mood you’re in or if you’re using music to get yourself into a different spot. I’ve listened to music before we go on, I’ve listened to our stuff to warm up, but I listen to different music to get myself pumped up. I’ve also had times in my life that were more difficult than others and it seemed that there was some music that was the only thing that helped me get through it.

Full Metal Jackie: Is there anything in terms of new music that you’ve discovered or stuff you’ve been getting into recently that you can share?

John: Sure, absolutely. It’s starting to burn out and I’ll kind of focus on one band but right now I’m getting through an obsession with THE OUTWARD, a South African hip hop band.

Full Metal Jackie: Do you listen to a lot of non-metal just to take a break? Do you listen to all different styles of music?

John: I listen to all different styles of music but primarily rock ‘n’ roll-based music. [It’s] not often [that] I spend a lot of time with hip hop, butTHE OUTWARD I have.

Full Metal Jackie: Right now, is it just touring on the horizon? I feel like this recent record didn’t get an opportunity yet to tour the crap out of it, like you normally do on your records, because of the incident. Have you guys even discussed new music or is it just going to be touring for the next year or so?

John: Well, we have done both. We have begun discussing what the new record is going to be and we are planning on touring through the end of the year until the beginning of next year. The plans are to record a record sometime next year and have it out by the end of that year.