Source: Blabbermouth

Out of print for four years, the new release of “Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography Of Dream Theater” is now available to order.

Publication will be in September but pre-ordered books will ship as soon as they are available.

This paperback edition is fully updated by author Rich Wilson, featuring all-new interviews with the bandmembers and others. It covers the departure of drummer Mike Portnoy, the search for his successor and the group’s subsequent return to recording and touring success.

In his 2007 foreword to the original official story of DREAM THEATER,Portnoy wrote: “Reading this book has been an incredible trip down memory lane for me and quite an emotional experience — seeing my professional life flash before my eyes… the good, the bad and the ugly, indeed!

Rich Wilson has truly captured the ups and downs that has madeDREAM THEATER‘s journey thus far a very interesting story. No, it’s not a typical biography filled with sex, drugs and rock and roll road stories, but when you read through the story of our career, it really is a great tale of the fight for musical integrity, strong professional perseverance and living out a deep-rooted belief in oneself.

Rich has done a remarkable job tracking down almost every single person that has been a part of DREAM THEATER‘s first twenty years…from the obvious players such as eight out of the nine ‘official’ members from throughout the band’s history (one glaringly obvious missing member still sadly refusing to contribute and acknowledge his past) all the way through managers, record company personnel, producers, friends, fellow musicians and even some incredibly obscure people from our past whom I haven’t seen or spoken to in well over fifteen years… (Stephen Michael Stone?? Wow!!)

“When I put together the one-hour documentary for DREAM THEATER‘s‘Score’ DVD, I did my best to tell the story of the band’s first twenty years in sixty minutes, and while I am indeed very proud of that piece, I must say watching that is like VH1‘s ‘Behind The Music’ when you compare it to Rich Wilson‘s ‘Beatles Anthology’ that you are now holding in your hands!

“THIS book is indeed the ‘whole story’…

“It is truly amazing that DREAM THEATER has achieved all we have in our first two decades — against all odds, trends and fashionable musical styles — and yet we’re still growing and climbing higher and higher each album and tour!

“As amazing as this story is thus far, I am sure we still have MANY, MANY more exciting chapters to still write ahead of us….

“Enjoy the ride!”