SLAYER, MOTÖRHEAD And ANTHRAX: Really Ugly Holiday Sweaters Coming From LOCOAPE

Locoape, a division of Toynk Toys LLC, announces today that they have entered into an agreement with Global Merchandising Services who represent the worldwide merchandising rights for ANTHRAXMOTÖRHEAD and SLAYERLocoape will be producing a high-end, limited-edition ugly-sweater collection.

Following up on the massive success of 2012’s SLAYER Christmas sweater, Locoape has come on board to fulfill metal fans request for more sweaters of their favorite metal artists. Slated for 2013 selling season are ANTHRAXMOTÖRHEAD and SLAYER. 2014 will see a wider selection of Global‘s roster available for the holidays.

Each unique sweater features the iconic imagery made famous by each metal artist, with that addition of the ugly holiday sweater vibe. The sweaters are made of a soft, heavy poly‐blend and run from size S to size XXXL.

Currently on sale on their individual Global Merchandising‘s web stores, fans can also find the sweaters at

“Ugly Christmas sweater” or “tacky Christmas sweater” parties have been a holiday staple for several years, but there have been very few places to actually buy these sweaters. That has since changed, according to Time magazine, which reports that vintage stores, the Salvation Army, and Goodwill are reaping the benefits of this craze, as are fast-fashion shops like H&M and high-end retailers such as Nordstrom.

Locoape is a trademarked brand of Toynk LLC. The Locoape brand serves as a licensee/manufacturer focused on producing fun and unique products covering the world of popular culture, toys, apparel and collectibles with an emphasis on the music industry.