According to Courthouse News ServiceKISS vocalist/bassist Gene Simmons and his associated company have been sued by a security guard working at the band’s 2012 concert in Indiana, claiming that the guard was injured after the group band “foolishly” sprayed the stage with water and confetti (see fan-filmed video below). Also named as defendants in the lawsuit were the concert venue (Klipsch Music Center) and Live Nation World Wide Inc.

Timothy Funk says in his lawsuit, which was filed in Hamilton Superior Court, that he fell on the “slippery, waxy, and glassy” stage after “some or all of the defendants” sprayed water from hoses “on the stage, the area around the stage, and on some of the crowd.” The defendandts also sprayed confetti around the stage and crowd “in a foolish and reckless manner,” Funk claims.

Funk is seeking compensation for his injuries, loss of wages and other charges.