METALLICA has teamed up with Armada, a manufacturer of skis, poles, technical outerwear and skiing-related softgoods, to create the band’s own line of skis.

Says the group in a statement: “It’s no secret that three quarters of the band enjoy our snow sports ([guitarist] Kirk [Hammett] is sticking to the water for now!) so we’re excited to announce that we have hooked up with Armada to create a line of METALLICA skis for you to cruise around the mountains on.

“Founded by professional skiers and a snow-sports photographer, Armada was skiing’s first rider-owned, rider-operated manufacturer and we admire that independent, do-it-yourself spirit.

“Available to dealers now and at retail in September of this year, the Armada x Metallicacollaboration consists of two skis, the Invictus 95Ti all mountain ski and the JJ 2.0 powder ski. There will also be a Hans windbreaker jacket and Decker Gloves, all with METALLICA ‘Master Of Puppets’-based artwork created by Armada‘s graphics team with creative input from us.

“Skis are available to pre-order in the Met Store now, jackets and gloves will hit stores and online in September.”

Armada Skis was founded in 2002 and is currently headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. The company employs about 60 people who design, market and distribute alpine ski equipment, apparel and accessories to more than 40 countries.

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