DESTRUCTION‘s longtime drummer Vaaver will ne unable to join his bandmates on the upcoming North American tour with SEPULTURA and ARSIS due to the birth of his second child. Standing in for Vaaver will be former PRIMAL FEAR/ANNIHILATOR and currentDUSKMACHINE drummer Randy Black.

States DESTRUCTION frontman Schmier: “I’ve known Randy for many years. He’s a down-to-earth guy and a killer drummer! So when we thought about who could replace Vaaver on this North American tour, only a few drummers came to my mind and Randy was our first choice. Who else could do a stand-in job like this with a great attitude and amazing skills! It will be a great experience for us to play with such a powerhouse drummer and I’m sureDESTRUCTION fans will appreciate his performance as well!”

Adds Vaaver: “I am going to be a father for the second time in my life and it’s going to happen in June of 2015. I therefore have to apologize to all our fans for not being able to participate in the 2015 spring North American tour. I am convinced that Randy, an amazing drummer, a truly experienced thrasher, and a good friend of ours, will smoothly take over my drum throne for that period and will set the stage on fire.”

States Randy Black: “I take this as a very cool challenge and an honor to step in on drums for Vaaver to help the guys out and be a part of this great tour! I can assure theDESTRUCTION fans that I’m working my ass off getting the drum parts tight and brutal!”

Vaaver will play all shows with DESTRUCTION until the Mexico tour that takes place immediately before the North American dates.