U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine recently spoke to NIGHTWISH keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen and lead singer Floor Jansen about the creation of the band’s new album“Endless Forms Most Beautiful”. You can watch the chat below.

“Working with Floor was, basically, one of the easiest things ever,” Tuomas said. “First of all, as a vocalist, she’s as versatile as it gets, but even more important than that, the motivation and the devotion was something I’ve rarely seen anybody having.”

He continued: “I think she knew all the songs by heart, including the lyrics even, before we entered the rehearsal studio. She really had done her homework.”

Added Floor: “This was the first time, actually, recording an album from scratch, working on songs that had not been sung by anybody else.

“I was really excited to get the demos, sent home with the music or the main ideas for the songs, vocal melodies, lyrics. There I started my puzzle…. Then we went to rehearse the songs, with the whole band, and we took really our time for this, which was a fantastic way for me to really get into the songs and know exactly how to sing them before going into the recordings, which made the actual recording period very smooth.”