The identity of AVENGED SEVENFOLD‘s new drummer will be revealed this Wednesday, November 4. The musician in question will also be interviewed on this week’s edition of “Talk Is Jericho”, the podcast of Chris Jericho, the world champion pro wrestler, actor, New York Times best-selling author and lead vocalist of the metal band FOZZY.

AVENGED SEVENFOLD recently confirmed that it has been working with a new drummer for over a year already following the departure of Arin Ilejay. A statement from the group read, “It has been brought to our attention that a lot of videos have been posted online from some pretty amazing drummers who want to try out for AVENGED SEVENFOLD. While we appreciate the overwhelming interest and support, we thought it would be the right thing to do to let everyone know that we already have someone. In fact, we have been working with this person for over a year now to make sure that it was a correct fit before making any sudden changes. When we have more to share, we will be sure to do that.”

The band’s remarks reveal that Ilejay left the group quite some time ago, although his departure was only announced this past July.

Ilejay was AVENGED SEVENFOLD‘s drummer for four years, playing on 2013’s “Hail To The King” album. In announcing his exit, the band thanked him for his “positive energy” but added that it “needed to move in a different direction.”