LINKIN PARK is taking a new approach to writing its upcoming seventh album, the band revealed in a brand new interview.

LINKIN PARK entered the studio last November to begin work on the follow-up to 2014’s “The Hunting Party”, and has already accumulated “a mountain of material,” DJ Joe Hahn told

Guitarist Brad Delson added: “It’s been a real just organic flow and I’m really excited about the music that’s being created.”

LINKIN PARK singer Mike Shinoda said that the band is trying to do things differently this time around.

“The thing that’s notable to me is that we’re approaching the process backwards, for us,” he said.

“Usually the music comes first and the words come second, even if it’s 30 minutes apart that’s usually what happens — the music inspires the words. And in this case, it’s mostly the words and melodies first, no track.”

Delson added: “We’ve focused almost exclusively on songwriting, not on sound, not on genre, not on arrangement, on words and melodies. And that’s something [producer] Rick [Rubin] has always told us to do years past and we never listened because we started always track first. Now we’re writing songs and now we’re just starting to get into the style of that.”

LINKIN PARK has not yet confirmed a producer for its upcoming album.

The band has been mostly off the radar for the past year, ever since an early 2015 tour in support of “The Hunting Party” had to be scrapped when frontman Chester Bennington injured his foot.

Bennington also brought his two-year stint as vocalist for STONE TEMPLE PILOTS to an end in late 2015 so he focus more of his energies on LINKIN PARK.