High-end fashion brand Gucci appears to have incorporated AC/DC‘s iconic logo into at least one new women’s ensemble, judging from the cover design put together for the next issue of T, The New York Times fashion magazine. The image in question (see below), which was taken by fine-art photographer Jackie Nickerson, features a model facing away from the camera, showing off the glittery backside of a dress emblazoned with the band’s legendary symbol.

AC/DC‘s collaboration with Gucci was mentioned in a February New York Times article as part of the newspaper’s coverage of Milan Fashion Week. Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, described the brand’s fall fashion line as “rock ‘n’ roll Renaissance, 1980s Renaissance, street-style Renaissance, bourgeois Renaissance, chinoiserie Renaissance,” with The New York Times writer Vanessa Friedman adding that couture enthusiasts can expect to see “long, ostrich-trimmed gowns and short studded leather suits; big shoulders and puffed shoulders; fur trim and fur cuffs; putti prints and giant shaggy furs; hostess dresses with fluted sleeves and one with AC/DC sequined on the back.”

AC/DC has famously been reluctant to aggressively pursue brand extensions and licensing, although the band appears to have softened its attitude toward the practice. In 2011, AC/DC allowed the opening riff to its “Back In Black” song to be used in a commercial for Walmart, three years after making its “Black Ice” album available for sale in the U.S. exclusively at Walmart stores.

“They have a purist approach,” Steve Barnett, the chairman of Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, told The New York Times. (He also managed the band from 1982 to 1994.) “Their instinct was always to do the right thing for fans, think long term and not be influenced by financial rewards.”