British folk metal pioneers, SKYCLAD, show signs of life again. In February, they started working on new material for the successor to In The… All Together (2009). SKYCLAD, plan to release this album, their 13th, within the next year.

The band commented on their Facebook account:

“We’re really excited about having Dave back in the band. He’s a fantastic guy, a great musician and songwriter! The whole band is really inspired, and we’re making good progress on the album. Most of the bits and pieces are there already. Even though we played a couple of ‘old school shows’ recently, the new LP definitely won’t be a thrash album; but it will be no typical folk metal album either. We’ll use all the options we now have – with 3 guitarists, additional vocals, fiddle, keyboards, bass and drums – to create an album that will be the same but different. 100% SKYCLAD!”