According to The Pulse Of Radio, BRING ME THE HORIZON is starting to turn its attention to a new album, but the band members admit that they don’t have any idea yet what direction the music will take. Keyboardist Jordan Fish told the BBC about the sound of their next record: “I don’t think any of us know. There’s a few things I know it won’t be. It’s not going to be a pop record — I don’t think we’d ever do a straight, boring pop record. It’s not going to be a super, super heavy record either… As long as it’s interesting and exciting, that’s all I really care about.”

Fish added: “I understand there’s probably a load of people who want us to be super heavy, and a load of people who only like the last album, who don’t like the heavier stuff. We just want to write something good. Where it sits genre-wise is something someone else can worry about.”

Singer Oli Sykes told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that the band’s musical progression goes hand in hand with their personal growth. “It’s got to be true to where we are at,” he said. “I think some bands at this age, when you get into fifth album and stuff as well, are still trying to sing about the same things and stuff to make the kids happy that used to listen to them. But if it’s not true to what you are, it’s not where you’re at in life, it’s gonna look transparent. I think that’s why we’ve managed to carry on as a band, because we’ve always evolved and we’ve always made music that we still really, really love. It’s not music that we used to love.”

BRING ME THE HORIZON‘s latest album, 2015’s “That’s The Spirit”, reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200 album chart and featured the hits “Happy Song” and “Throne”.

Last December, the British act released its “Live At The Royal Albert Hall” DVD, documenting an April 2016 concert at the legendary London venue with a full orchestra and choir. All proceeds from the show went to Teenage Cancer Trust.