The Bliss, One Leg Army
TORA K44, Athens, Greece

Ok first of all I have to admit one thing about this event! Not that is necessary but I want to be straight with you guys : I went because it was free! Guilty as charged but in this period of time my wallet is always hungry so when I had an invitation in my facebook page about a live appearance of “The Bliss” , a band from my town, I found the opportunity to attend as I’ve been hearing a lot of good words about them.

As always I missed the support act of One Leg Mary (seriously I have to make a better planning…) but from what I heard there were pretty good. Sorry guys next time I’ll try to be on time! So I grabbed myself a beer and wait for the show.

The place was pretty funny and curious. Strange decorations on the wall from whatever you can think of (Personally I fell in love with the plastic fried egg nailed on a wall!!) and a lot of old stuff and junk! Pretty funny but I was wondering if it was the proper place for a live event. Soon I realize it was!!

Enough with all the surroundings and story of my life and let’s cut to the chase! The trio of Bliss stepped on the stage and it started! A very atmospheric introduction giving you the feeling that something big was about to start. And that something started… Literally my mind was blown away from the first notes! A heavy kick start that can be compared to a horse kick in the teeth! And while I was still amazed with my mouth wide open the vocals came into the song and took me away.

I know, I sound like a freaking groupie but seriously guys I can’t describe the whole idea of what I’ve heard that night! A perfectly organized band and individually very outstanding performance. The guitar work totally spacy with melodic colorings in the slowest parts and heavy fills, clearly a melodic rollercoaster! The rhythmic of the bass was heavily strong with light passages making you feel their music from the inside. But what really surprised me and blew my brain was the totally amazing and astonishing drum work! Seriously I never heard anything like that in Greece… Despite the heavy progressive attitude, it remind me the drum technique of Neil Peart from Rush! Steady heavy rhythm , thunder-rolling fills and smashing crushes exploding the band to an upper level. I think we have here one of the best drummer in Greece! The vocals was also one of kind. Grungy melodic voice bringing you in a total nirvana and binding the instrumental parts in a space-cosmic trip!

In general we are talking about an amazing and outstanding band! A progressive clear sound reminding a blend of Tool and Isis. The extra touch was video projections on the wall! I don’t know if it was the band’s material or the club’s but I think it was a plus in the whole conception! It is really hard for me to find words to describe this show, as still now I haven’t land on planet earth yet! The whole night took me way back when I heard bands live for the first time and the next day rushed to buy their album!

After the show I was feeling stoned as hell and filled with various kind of emotions. But the strongest one was that I was ashamed I never had the opportunity to listen this band sooner! I promise I’ll be present in all their next show definitely!

Logan Chevet.