Death Angel
Suicidal Angels, Adimirion, Roots Of Death
7Sins, Athens, Greece

When I heard that Death Angel will come to Greece I became very excited. They are a band that has released some amazing thrash albums including their great debut “The Ultra Violence” and their live performances are always a pleasure to see. So on the 20th of March they played at 7sins in Athens with Roots Of Death, Adimirion, and Greek thrashers Suicidal Angels.

Unfortunately I arrived late at the gig so I missed the first 2 bands. I entered the venue 15 minutes before Suicidal started their show. The first thing I saw was Mark of Death Angel hanging out with the crowd taking pictures etc. A very nice scene that proved that they respect and like their fans!

Suicidal Angels hit the stage with “Reborn In Violence” from their new album and by the time they did they proved why they are a band that has a very upward development the last few years. The band was very energetic and so was the crowd that was moshing, crowd surfing and seeming to enjoy the performance. Their set was mostly based on their lat 2 albums and songs like “Jesus Lies”, “Final Dawn”, “Violent Abuse” made us have some Good Friendly Violent Fun as Exodus would say! They finished their performance 40 minutes later with “Apokathilosis” where the usual panic was created! Overall a very good performance from the Greek thrashers that become better on every show and the experience that they have gained from their last tours is obvious.

By the time Suicidal left the stage we were looking forward for Death Angel to hit the stage! About 20-25 minutes later they did it and for the next 90 minutes they kicked our asses! They started with “I Chose The Sky” from their new (very good) album and from the first minute they showed us that they were in a great mood and that we gonna have a lot of fun! The intro riff of “Evil Priest” made us create a very good mosh pit that we kept till the last minute of the concert! The crowd had a very active participation to the show that left Mark speechless! Another one that understood the dynamic of the Greek fans! As I said before the band was in a great mood and seemed to enjoy the performance. They played songs from all their albums and also paied tribute to the great Ronnie James Dio by playing a medley of their song “Bored” and “Heaven and Hell”. I don’t need to describe what happened in songs like “Mistress Of Pain”, “Thrashers” (the best moment of the concert for me), “Kill as One”, “Seemingly Endless Time” etc. Mark’s voice was very good, Rob Cavestany on guitars was great, Ted Aguilar was also very good, and the new rhythm section of the band, Carroll on drums and Sisson on bass have adjusted very well since they played the songs as if they were playing in the band for many years! They finished their set with “Thrown to the Wolves” (they played “The Ultra Violence” intro right before and we all hoped that they will play this thrash masterpiece but they didn’t) and left us with a very big smile on our faces! Summing up Death Angel were great and they played much better than I expected!

Overall a very nice thrash metal live that left everyone happy and with the will to see Death Angel again as soon as possible!

Panos “Butcher” Bantzis.