Steel Panther
Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark

Going to a Steel Panther gig is like being invited to the coolest, best party in town. You are GUARANTEED to have the time of your life! All the ingredients are there – a kickass band that will play the pants off most competitors out there, songs that stick like bubblegum, all the glitz and glam of the 80’s that made live shows fun. There’s all the color and glitter, the glamour we haven’t seen in ages, and good lookin’ dudes too, eye candy for the ladies. Much like TV-shop, you get all that, but WAIT, there’s MORE! There’s humor too, they will keep you laughing non-stop from the minute they walk onstage till they leave. The combination separates Steel Panther from the competition, you can’t beat them in any department.

With any regular band, you pretty much know what you’re gonna get. With Steel Panther it’s like a box of chocolates, you never quite know – but you know that whatever it is, it’s gonna be tasty! Not tasteful – but tasty!

Steel Panther blew me away in Manchester, UK last year, and made me wish that Def Leppard and Motley Crue had been opening for them, not the other way around. They continued to impress me in Copenhagen.
They open with Supersonic Sexmachine, a perfect crowd pleaser, and then they just keep it coming. Fat girl, Asian Hooker, Just Like Tiger Woods, Gold Diggin Whore, It Won’t Suck itself… Well, I never said it was clean, fun family entertainment. It’s just enough dirty to be absolutely hilarious!

Towards the end of the show they decide to bring a random fan onstage, accompanied by some guy in a Spiderman-costume. The fan sings Iron Maiden’s “Number of The Beast” and ends up in a screaming contest with Michael, only to be announced as Steel Panther’s new singer by guitarist Satchel. Once again, who knows what’s gonna happen at their next gig! When they leave the stage after 17 Girls In A Row, you find yourself wanting MORE! Where did time go? I don’t want to leave. Any band that can keep me smiling for over an hour gets my 10 out of 10 any day!

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