Iron Maiden // Malmo Stadion, Sweden // 10.07.13


When Iron Maiden go on tour in 2013, it’s not so much a TOUR as it is a triumphal procession. They are hailed like heroes everywhere they go, and Sweden is no exception. South America and Scandinavia in particular have always had a special love-affair with Iron Maiden, and this chilly evening in Malmö, Sweden, is no exception to the rule.

Malmö Stadion is packed with around 30 000 excited metalheads when Iron Maiden hits the stage with all the explosive energy they have dazzled us with for the past 31 years (with Bruce handling the vocal duties). And it doesn’t even feel like it’s been that long. The whole band is running back and forth across the stage, like they’re all still in their early 20’s, it’s unbelievable.

It’s the ultimate live-show where you can check off everything on your wish-list:

Classic rock anthems – check.
Pyrotechnics and flamethrowers – check.
Eddie the monster – check.
Great vocals and overall musicianship – check.
Cool stageshow and setlist – check.

Bruce Dickinson has no idea what gravity is, and he doesn’t miss one single note while jumping around – it looks like he’s flying. Nicko McBrain is the metal version of Ringo Starr – the funny drummer with the charming crazy faces and the constant smile. The trio of guitarists, Adrian, Dave and Janick are making sure that there’s nothing left to chance in the guitar-department, and deliver with true passion and precision. Then of course there is Steve Harris who is the hero and the symbol of Iron Maiden – the crowd screams for him whether or not Bruce asks them to make some noise. It just goes without saying.

Going to an Iron Maiden concert is really like being at a revival meeting. You are witnessing the perfect metal show, and you’re being served one classic after another on a silver platter. Join the metal choir in songs like “Fear Of The Dark” or “Run To The Hills“, and you can be absolutely sure that you’ll leaving the show with the biggest smile ever!

Daniela P.