Uncle Acid, This is Nowhere // AN Club, Athens, Greece // 11.04.2014

When the vintage rock bands began to jump out of nowhere each year and they started to build a new music scene, especially in the US, one band was the one that caught my attention immediately. The specific band is Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. From the very first steps of the band, their mysticism and their vintage rock, doom songs were the one that made me a fan of the band immediately. Two years after ‘Blood Lust’ and the release of their third full-length record, DSC_5938athe band became a major success. Because of this success, I had the chance to watch them perform in Athens for the very first time yesterday, along with the Greek ambient rock band, This is Nowhere.

An club got filled with fans who desired to get lost into the psychedelic vortex of Uncle Acid’s music. About one hour after the doors got wide open, This is Nowhere walked on stage and began their performance.   It was the very first time I got in touch with the band’s music on stage. The band from Salonica performs a mixture of ambient and vintage rock, having already three official releases (one EP, one Split and one full-length record).

This is Nowhere performed for forty five minutes approximately. They got us high with their ambient music, the blues-guitar riffs and the psychedelic effect on their songs generally. Performing constantly, the minutes got passed as the wind and we were totally pleased with the band’s performance and the emotions which their music created in us. I loved their energy and the way the band was playing and experiment with various guitar and sound effects.

Next, it was about time to get in touch with Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, who walked on stage with confidence and a great mood. The band waived at the audience, the lights got turned off and the show has started…

First of all, I should mention how hard is for a band to express the vintage sound of their records on stage. This hurdle is something that bothers the vintage rock bands and the fans generally. The songs sound more modern and rock, but that is not something to worry about. Uncle Acid got their vintageDSC_6041a guitar’s cabins up and running so as to be closer to what their music records sound like.

The four members of the band performed with energy, interacting constantly with the crowd who was singing and headbanging in every note and moment. Uncle Acid’s setlist included songs from their latest release as well as from ‘Blood Lust’ and ‘Volume 1’. We had the chance to hear songs like ‘Poison Apple’, ‘Mt. Abraxas’, ‘Mind Crawler’ as well as older songs like ‘ Death’s Door’, ‘ 13 Candles’ and ‘ Vampire Circus’. Especially in the older ones, our minds got blown- off and we got filled with emotions.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats is one of the most influential bands of the vintage sound and in my opinion the best one. I consider them mostly as a studio band because their vintage vibe, that powerful vibe, can only be transmitted from a recording but I also consider the band as one of the most loyal ones on stage. The only thing I would desire from yesterday is the band to have performed a bit more, because they walked off stage in about one hour and ten minutes.

I’m really pleased I had the chance to watch Uncle Acid performing at the peak of their career. Yesterday was a notable night and I really wish I will be able to watch the band again sometime in the future. One cannot have enough of the mighty Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats! Many thanks to P90 events and to This Is Nowhere for supporting the show!

Report: Kwstas Tsotsanis
Photos: Dimitris Balabakis


Mt. Abraxas
Mind Crawler
Crystal Spiders
I’ll Cut You Down
Death’s Door
Poison Apple
Valley of the Dolls
Over and Over Again
Vampire Circus
13 Candles
Withered Hand
Desert Ceremony


Endtime Hearts
Misery’s Crown